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Antimicrobial door

Meet the antimicrobial doors by AMP!

We believe that safety and hygiene in the food industry, as well as in all other industries, must be a key factor. That is why we produce doors with antimicrobial surface and handle, which effectively protect against any kind of microbe.

Antimicrobial doors details

Refrigerator doors with handles with silver ions which prevent the growth of any type of bacteria on the surface of the handle and destroy the already existing bacteria.

Office, service and clean room doors with handles from antimicrobial copper, which reduces the risk of infections and fights human coronavirus.

Clean Safe Coating

Steel sheet with plastisol coating of 250mm width and with antibacterial, antigerm coating made in Germany.

Certified mechanisms for effective extermination of germs such as bacterial, fungus (including mold) and virus up to 99%.

  • Long term protection and hygiene
  • Protection against various of bacterial, such as Staphylococcus, Salmonella, Escherichia coli, listeria and more.
  • Double action, prevents germ growth and kills the existing ones

AMP Antimicrobial door

Antimicrobial copper handles

It is scientifically and clinically proven that copper handles provide maximum antimicrobial protection, killing 99.9% of bacteria within 2 hours. Research shows that copper antimicrobial surfaces reduce the risk of infections by more than 40%, and that they destroy the viral genomes of the new SARS COVID-19 coronavirus to inactivate it.


  • Ongoing action: bacteria and viruses that cause infections in humans are constantly neutralized.
  • High durability: their effectiveness is not reduced.

Copper 100% recyclable material

Copper meets 100% of the requirements of the United Nations Program (UNEP) for the protection of the environment. Copper, after use and application, can be returned to the natural environment as it is, and then reused. Αntimicrobial copper is used by leading manufacturers to certify their products as the most effective in antimicrobial protection of touch surfaces.

AMP Antimicrobial door

Antimicrobial handles shutters for hinged cold storage doors with silver ions

Thanks to SILVER IONS technology, infections transmitted by the handles that are touched by anyone can be stopped. Scientifically proven antimicrobial technology offers effective long-term protection against pathogenic bacteria, fungi, mold, odors and viruses up to 99.99% (ISO 22196:2011), minimizing the risk of infection. The silver ions on the handle destroy the cell membrane of the microbes and prevent their cellular respiration and reproduction.

The microbes stop dividing and they die.

AMP Antimicrobial door

The controlled mechanism of silver ions allows to ensure the characteristics for a long time, even after multiple wash cycles resulting in guaranteed efficiency.

AMP Antimicrobial door


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