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Cold room anti-slip floors

Cold room anti-slip floors 

The plywood floors are made in Finland for cold rooms, walk-in chillers or freezers and working places, with phenol nonslip coating. They are powerful and of high resistance on static loads (2.000 kg/m2), insulating, unaffected by the humidity do not retain pollutants and are cleaned easily. They are used by all European factories.

Thermal insulation

Up to 0 °C for chiller and up to -45 °C for freezer

Plywood Floor

Resistance per wheel 100kg

Stainless Steel Floor

Resistance per wheel 200kg


Certified with CE 89/106 EN13241-1 (EN 89/106 / EK)

Anti-slip floors description 

AMP antislip floors

Top quality anti-slip floors

The only genuine antislip INOX floors that pallet trucks with rubber wheels can move, comfortably, without difficulty.

Anti-slip floors specifications 

Plywood floor    

PLYWOOD FLOOR Reinforced marine plywood from Finland specially for cold rooms.

Anti-slip coating

With phenolic anti-slip coating.

Load Capacity

Static load capacity from 2.000 up to 2.500 kgr/m².


Insulating, unaffected by moisture, they do not retain dirt and are easy to clean (waterproof).


Sheet dimension 1.250 x 2.500 mm x 9mm thickness, brown colour.


Very strong with resistance to static loads of 2.000 kg/m².

Stainless steel floor

Placed and glued on marine plywood from Finland, from 15mm up to 21mm thickness, at a heated press of 500 tons. The back side of the plywood and the bench are covered with a 2 times polyester coating for complete sealing.


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