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Polypropylene cold storage shelves

Polypropylene shelves by AMP

In order to achieve the best storage of your products, we offer plastic (polypropylene) shelves. These shelves are suitable for every industry, production unit, storage facility, kitchen or other usage. The plastic shelves can be adjusted according to your needs.

Adjustable Adjustable height CATAS Safe for food storage ACILITATES THE HACCP METHOD Ice Inox Load No mods NSF Pallet Jack Ready for nstallation Safe ACILITATES THE HACCP METHOD CAN BE USED BETWEEN-40 °C / +90 °C TUV Washable Wheels


Each area can accept small and large loads up to 150kg per surface

Adjustable Height

Can be placed at the desired height adjustable by 10 cm


Permit refrigeration of the merchandise even at the lower side

Polypropylene shelves description

AMP cold room shelves

Polypropylene shelves

It is a fact that in pharmacies and hospitals special attention is paid to hygiene for obvious safety reasons. Shelving is an important part of clean rooms and cold rooms that need to be adapted to strict hygiene standards.

Polypropylene shelves specifications

Fast Mounting

It is the most popular manufacturing and assembly system. Mounting time of each rack is 5 minutes. No tools are needed.

Simple and quick calculation

Simple and quick calculation of the size and price of each rack for the interior of the chamber, back and both sides in the shape of “Π” and “ Γ“. Alternatively you give us the inner dimensions and we immediately send you the ground plan of the shelves and price.

Great stability

Fixed structure with great stability. They are not swaying, they don’t need support on the sides of the chamber, they are self-supporting.

Approved by the FDA

Polypropylene surfaces approved by the FDA as Food-safe.

Made for storage

Especially made for maintenance and storage of food in super market, kitchens, restaurants, butcher shops and suitable for contact with poultry, meats, cheeses, pasta, pastries, etc.

Available in many sizes

Available in width of 40, 50, 60 cm and in height of 1.80, 2.00 m.


Possibility for combination of rack width according to customers’ needs.

Quality at low prices

With excellent quality and low prices polyethylene shelves are sold to the global market.


Certified with Certificate of EU Food Contact Compliance 2002/72/EC.

Polypropylene shelves details

Durable polypropylene shelves

Amp cold storage shelves are made of aluminium and consist of very durable plastic shelves, certified by the NSF. Therefore they are sanitary suitable for the storage of food. The uprights are made of 35 mm anodized aluminium tube (anodized 20 µm thick) in a round shape and offer the possibility of creating shelves every 100 mm. It is also possible to order with wheels.

AMP cold room shelves

AMP cold room shelves

Fewer uprights

An additional important advantage of AMP cold storage racks is that corner cold storage racks are achieved to save storage space.


Another important feature is the ease with which the shelves can be assembled, so no special technical skills are required.

Flexible polypropylene shelves 

The cold storage shelves are available in three different lengths : 1800 mm and 2000 mm, as well as four different : 400 mm, 500 mm and 600 mm. We can create a Π or Γ shelving system when the different shelf sizes are joined together. In fact, these shelves provide flexibility, and this is achieved with each joint to create the appropriate geometry that best suits the specific needs of each cold room, warehouse.

amp cold room shelves

Polypropylene shelves installation video


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Antibacterial polypropylene shelves

The AMP sanitary shelves provide impeccable health safety due to the fact that it prevents the proliferation of bacteria, and has the effect of reducing the bacterial load, so that it can be used in any environment where it is important to have impeccable hygiene. In addition to hospitals and pharmacies, AMP sanitary shelving is for medical practices, beauty centres, dentists, nurseries, schools, restaurants, bakeries, public areas, swimming pools and saunas, fast food restaurants, canteens, the health sector, the military, grocery stores, and convenience and food stores.

Why choose antibacterial products?

The silver ion technology used in the production of sanitary shelving provides the products with continuous and lasting antimicrobial protection, which helps prevent the formation and growth of bacteria and mold on their surface. Microbes - bacteria, as well as mould and fungi - are found in any environment even on the cleanest surfaces. Bacteria can multiply, sometimes to dangerous levels, and can lead to infections and disease. Bacteria create unpleasant odours, discolouration and deterioration, compromising hygiene levels. Consumers are looking for protection from bacteria present in all objects around us and their removal is not always possible through standard hygiene measures or disinfectants.


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